I started my metalworking career in 1969-70 when I was in the army. I had the good fortune of being the jewelry and lapidary instructor at the Fort Ord Craft Shop. This unique experience enabled me to become skilled with casting metal and the techniques of shaping it.

After I was discharged, I attended Long Beach State University, where I majored in jewelry and metalsmithing. I also picked up experience in blacksmithing and worked in a bronze foundry. I was accepted into the graduate program at the University of Washington, but changed my mind and decided to start my own jewelry business instead. 

I then went on to sheet metal and welding school and was certified to weld on skyscrapers and battleships. After working in the LA shipyards for 1-1/2years, I was hired by Calty Design Research, Toyota's design center in Newport Beach, CA., as a model maker.

My responsibilities included building full-size car and truck models for future production to designer specifications using a multitude of materials, including wood, metal and fiberglass. In my spare time I designed and fabricated table and task lamps. In 1989 I won an international lamp design contest sponsored by Artemide S.P.A. (the largest lighting manufacturer in Europe.)

I have chosen the human form and birds as my inspiration. I  enjoy exploring my chosen medium to its fullest extent, whether it involves pounding sheets of copper into organic shapes, stretching duct tape around masses of crushed newspaper or assembling and carving wood.